POS systems in KY vary in complexity from a simple cash box and signup sheet at the Boy Scout popcorn table outside the grocery store to a consumer facing website designed for a brick and mortar store’s digital marketing strategy.

Elite Merchant Services is a POS design service in KY with POS designs driving business transactions from Howell to Houghton. We can even help a Boy Scout Troop popcorn drive with a mobile POS card reader.

Boy Scout Troop aside, here are a few POS design services Elite Merchant Services can create:

  • Restaurant POS
  • Nightclub POS
  • Bar POS
  • Retail storefront POS
  • Retail mobile POS
  • Professional service POS
  • Consumer facing website POS

POS systems in KY: Functions and complexity

Every POS design for a KY business is unique. Each business has cross-channel sales capabilities, inventory control needs, employee management needs, and customer relationship management and marketing requirements

Not every business needs every POS piece, but a bare minimum would include a payment gateway to a payment processing service like Elite Merchant Services. Regardless of complexity, you should expect a turnkey POS design to include:

  • Setup
  • Programming
  • Installation
  • Training

The complexity of your business drives the depth of each step.

POS layers: How a POS solves payment processing front end needs:

Your businesses POS system sets up a frontend where you can input customer credit request information to their credit card issuer, and it facilitates a secure connection for this information. The security layer of your POS system is critical, and it needs to comply with the PCIDSS (PCI) standard.

The PCI standard covers all layers of the data transmission of consumer credit card information:

  • To and from the point of sale system
  • To and from the payment processing service
  • To and from the consumers credit issuing agency

Within the PCI standard Elite Merchant Services designs POS systems for businesses that meet the PCI standard.

POS design: What a good POS design can accomplish for your business:

A good POS design allows business owners to take control of their revenue stream. With it, you can compare receipts to inventory and transactions, get a quick accounting of to the minute transactions, and monitor metrics for employee performance and customer marketing campaigns.

Of course, not all POS systems will do all these things, it is a matter of your needs. But as you and your business grow into different cross-channel and different consumer silos, Elite Merchant Services can grow with you to accommodate a new POS design.

POS for KY businesses: Turnkey services from Elite Merchant Services

From simple mobile credit card readers capable of table sales at events or from a mobile food truck, to a full-blown integrated POS design for a restaurant or nightclub, Elite Merchant Services delivers. Our team of support staff, account managers, and designers support POS terminals and designs throughout the state of KY.

Before you settle on any POS design service, be sure to call Elite Merchant Services. We are a comprehensive POS service serving KY.

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