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Nautilus Hyosung Halo

An ATM has many benefits to a business owner in many establishments. Some of these benefits are:

Revenue stream for your business

More customers paying you with cash

Customers often spend more if they have access to cash

Customers never have to leave your business in search of cash

Genmega G2500

Some businesses that do well with an ATM:

Gas Stations

Liquor Store


Golf Course

Ski Slope

Amusement Park

3 ATM Purchase Options

An ATM can be purchased brand new through ATM Wholesaler. The business who now owns the ATM loads the cash and will set the surcharge amount and make the full surcharge.

Merchant Filled Placement
An ATM is put in a location for free and the merchant keeps it loaded with cash. Typically the merchant receives half the surcharge.

Full Service Placement
An ATM is put in a location for free and ATM Wholesaler will keep it stocked with cash. The merchant has no responsibility for this machine. Depending on the location the merchant will receive a portion of the surcharge.

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