POS System Florida

POS System functionality for Florida businesses

A POS system is the front end of every customer transaction in your store. You need more than a cash register; you need functionality that helps you grow your revenue stream and your business. For the best consumer relationship experience for you and your customers your POS system needs to be an:

  • Effective inventory management tool
  • Effective CRM frontend
  • Employee engagement and management tool
  • Effective cash auditor and balance sheet
  • Effective marketing tool

Elite Merchant Services is a premium supplier of POS system technology in Florida. Working with you, our account managers and support staff will build the best POS system possible for your business needs.

POS system inventory management tools in Florida

Your inventory reflects several key metrics in your day to day business. By checking what makes it to checkout you get valuable insight into:

  • Hot sellers
  • Slow sellers
  • Inventory levels
  • Shrink control

Every retailer recognizes the importance of these metrics but may not recognize how solid POS system integration helps improve revenue streams by adding insight.

POS system CRM frontend management for Florida businesses

The difference between a one and done sale and a dedicated repeat customer is how you interact with them throughout the time they are not actively engaged with your business. But without an effective list of customers you simply can not do any follow up contact.

A POS system from Elite Merchant Services can give you the CRM frontend functionality you need to build better relationships with your customers. By asking them for contact information when they are most likely to share it, at check out, you will build an effective marketing list of customers you know want your product.

POS system employee engagement and management tool for Florida business

A smart POS system can be an employee time-tracker, an employee information tool, and a management insight into top sales performers. Today’s job market demands businesses continually engage employees keeping them happy, productive, and informed. By utilizing information from a POS system your management team can identify areas of excellence and opportunities for improvement. Smart integration of a POS system into sales force workflow lends valuable insight about what is happening on your sales floor.

POS system cash management functionalities for businesses

At the end of the day you want to know your cash position and you want information quick and then move on to the days next demand. With a POS system from Elite Merchant Services, you can have that information at your fingertips in a moment’s notice.

POS system marketing tools and revenue building for Florida businesses

Marketing is the life blood of your revenue stream and Elite Merchant Services can help you with that. With a business savvy POS system from Elite, you can have the tools to tie front office business at checkout with back office marketing strategy.

Tie in who bought what when and identify cross silo opportunities to get more sales. Find your repeat customers and reward them with loyalty points. Remember a customer’s birthday at the checkout counter. The possibilities are endless as your marketing imagination with the right kind of POS system in your business.

POS system solutions company in Florida

Elite Merchant Services sets the focus on building your revenue by building your POS system. Our team of techs, support staff, and account managers know Florida business needs and want to be a partner in your success.

Before you decide on any POS system in Florida, give us a call to answer any questions you may have.

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