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ATM Machine Processing

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Elite Merchant Services specializes in all aspects of credit card processing, credit card terminal upgrades and placements, gift cards, check guarantees, internet processing, and other payment fulfillment needs. As a perfect compliment, ATM Wholesaler, sister company to Elite Merchant Services, offers wholesale prices on top quality brand name ATM machines, and offers full service ATM machine processing.

ATM's can be a great way to grow your business, increase cash sales, increase foot traffic, and generate income. Having an ATM Machine in your store, restaurant, or business can directly influence your positive cash flow. There are many ways that an ATM machine will positively affect your business. The three major points are detailed below.

    1. Generate Additional Income
      ATM's generate income through transaction fees. These fees, which are generally in the range of a few dollars per transaction, are paid by the customer as an ATM processing charge for the convenience of being able to use the machine. Most people who use ATM machines are used to such charges. As the owner of an ATM machine, you set the transaction fee. The fee will be deducted from the customer's bank account, along with the amount of cash they have withdrawn, and the total will be deposited into your merchant account. This is an easy way for your business to generate additional income, and create a positive cash flow with very little effort.
    2. Increase Cash Sales
      Providing access to ATM's can encourage your customers to pay by cash. This can reduce your credit card processing fees, so instead of paying a percentage of each transaction to the credit card companies, you are instead making money on the ATM Processing fees.
    3. Increase Foot Traffic
      If you allow public access to your ATM machine, and hang a sign in your window announcing "ATM Inside", you may notice an increase in foot traffic. Some consumers passing by may enter your establishment for the express purpose of using the ATM's, even if they would normally not have stopped in. Once inside, they may find something of interest and decide to make a purchase they would not have made otherwise. Even if they do not, you still have made a few dollars off of them through an ATM processing fee.

ATM's are a great way to put new life back into your business. See what Elite Merchant Services and ATM Wholesaler can do to help your business grow. Call us today at 877-997-0171.

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