Mobile Credit Card Reader NY

Mobile credit card reader basics and benefits for NY business owners

Mobile credit card reader technology is fast replacing street level or mobile cash transactions. If your business revenue stream depends on remote face to face interactions, you need a mobile card reader to compete.

Elite Merchant Services provides mobile credit card readers to NY businesses enabling remote credit card payment processing. Our mobile credit card readers:

  • Read magstripe or EMV chip
  • Enable contactless payment options
  • Provide PCI compliant mobile payments

Over 75% of American consumers complete their buying transactions with a credit card. Elite Merchant Services will help you tap that revenue.

Mobile credit card reader basics for NY Businesses

Wherever you can get a wireless signal, you can use a mobile credit card reader. Rather than depending on an ethernet connection or other hardwire network, a mobile card reader can stand alone or simply plug into your mobile device for service.

The service that powers a mobile credit card reader must provide you with a basic functionality keeping you within the compliance standards of PCI. That means your service needs to be point-to-point PCI compliant for you to avoid problems with compromised consumer data.

The services that back up the mobile credit card reader are the same payment processing services you would expect in a brick and mortar POS front end. A mobile credit card reader must allow you to:

  • Input customer credit information
  • Connect with your payment processing service
  • Query the consumers credit issuing institution for validation and approval
  • Return an approved or declined status to your remote location

Mobile credit card reader flexibility for NY Business

Any business that completes sales on the road or at varying remote locations benefits from a mobile credit card reader. Today, the idea of carrying cash is foreign to consumers. Additionally, if you are selling high ticket items you won’t lose revenue to a cash buyer because of cash on hand, instead you can close the customer on a credit card sale.

Other advantages of mobile credit card readers are enabling a sales force to maintain contact with customers on the sales floor. A well-trained salesperson with the capability to process payments on the spot means they give customer seamless service from discovery to close.

Mobile credit card reader features to look for in NY

When choosing a mobile credit card reader, you need it to:

  • Work with 24/7 dependability
  • Have tipping functionality
  • Have sales analytics capability
  • Provide digital receipts
  • Have basic inventory management functions
  • Enable funding holds
  • Be PCI compliant
  • Offer end-to-end encryption
  • Be compatible with most major ecommerce platforms

Elite Merchant Services provides levels of support to meet your mobile credit card reader needs. When you work with our team of support specialist and account managers, you will find our mission is focused on your success.

Before you make any decision on mobile credit card readers, call one of our account managers and find out how helpful we can be. Our mobile credit card readers are driving businesses on the road and in remote locations in every city, suburb, and rural outpost in NY.

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