Point Of Sale New Jersey

Point Of Sale in New Jersey

Elite Merchant Services offers point of sale systems in New Jersey giving New Jersey businesses the tools they need to operate securely and productively. With a full range of payment processing systems that make up the point of sale station, Elite Merchant Services is your one stop point of sale solution provider.

Elite Merchant Services is one of the leading point of sale solution providers in New Jersey. When you work with Elite Merchant Services for your point of sale system you get a point of sale productivity hub:

  • Payment processing
  • Sales reporting
  • Inventory management
  • Customer management
  • Employee management
  • On premise and cloud POS services

Point of sale payment processing in New Jersey

Payment processing is the heart and soul of the point of sale solution. Without it, there would be no need except for a cash box and paper receipts. But with the advanced technology of payment processing systems at the point of sale, businesses need to guard themselves against serious issues that can arise.

Most notably, your point of sale system needs to protect you with:

  • PCI compliance
  • EMV capability
  • Reliable and robust service

Knowing this, Elite Merchant Services works with merchants across the state of New Jersey giving them the tools and security to get their jobs done. You make your customers happy while Elite Merchant Services makes you happy with our complete point of sale payment processing.

Sales reporting for growing revenue and customer base in New Jersey

Measuring sales drives business metrics in critical decision making. With point of sale systems from Elite Merchant Services business owners can quickly review sales numbers and identify trends that lead to more revenue generation.

A robust and integrated point of sale system from Elite Merchant Services will assist you in your daily activities of cash management and transaction tracking.

Point of sale inventory management tools in New Jersey

Inventory measurements help businesses identify overstock, understock, shrink, and other key retail business metrics. By integrating an inventory management tool with a point of sale system from Elite Merchant Services you will be in more control of your inventory.

  • Scanning and counting products digitally
  • Create product variations
  • Identify inventory pieces with unique serial numbers
  • Track inventory across multiple locations
  • Give you seamless ordering experiences to track best sellers
  • Package purchase and orders in one data set

CMS and employee management | Point of sale systems integration in New Jersey

Knowing who purchased what when is a key piece of information that you can use to generate repeat or co-locate a sale. If you choose to integrate a full CMS then your POS becomes a powerful marketing tool. And employee management functions can also be integrated into a point of sale system from Elite Merchant Services.

An integrated point of sale system from Elite Merchant Services can provide you with:

  • Transaction/customer sale information
  • Customer purchase history
  • Customer info like age, birthday, email, phone number
  • Integrate email marketing to your customer list
  • Built in loyalty programs
  • Add employees
  • Track employee work time
  • Identify sales leaders

Point of sale systems in New Jersey from Elite Merchant Services

Elite Merchant Services serves the State of New Jersey with point of sale hardware, software, and systems integration. Backed by our support staff and product managers, your point of sale system from Elite will prove an invaluable partner to your business success. Give us a call.

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