Using our POS in MI will help you increase efficiency and more…

Whether you’re the owner of a small café or a national chain, you need effective solutions that will allow all the facets of your business restaurant to keep running smoothly and our POS will help you do that. When you can offer every customer a flawless experience, your restaurants reputation will improve.

Managing your restaurant is so much easier when you have Elite Merchant Services as your partner. Never again will you need to concern yourself with payment processing problems. Our POS in MI helps you keep everything in balance. The everyday workflow will go smoothly, and your customers will enjoy a flawless experience that will keep them coming back for more.

Our POS can handle:

  • Payment processing
  • Goods-and-services tax
  • Discounts
  • Reports
  • And much more

Restaurant POS in MI

Fast-casual restaurants are designed to provide customers with quality food at a quick and efficient pace.

Fast Casual POS in MI

Whether your customers are inside your establishment or in the drive-thru, having to wait in a long queue before they can order their meal is going to affect the way they see your business. A good fast-casual restaurant is known for delicious food, fast services, and most importantly, quick and secure payments. This is why our POS system is such a smart investment for your business.

Café POS in MI

It’s important for restaurants of all varieties to be able to provide fast and friendly service to their customers using any of our POS makes that easy.

However, coffee shops have a particularly important reason to make quick service a priority. Some customers love coming in for a leisurely cup of coffee, but many others are making a fast stop before work. They need to get their order quickly, and any hassles or hold ups stand to make a negative impact on their overall day. Having a POS can help you maintain a fast and reliable service.

Our POS helps coffee shop owners, managers, and workers stay on top of things. With an organized POS in MI, your workers will easily be able to take orders and process payments without any unnecessary delays.

Bar POS in MI

Our POS helps bars, nightclub managers and employees stay on top of the responsibilities that come with operating such an establishment.

Owning and managing a bar can be an exciting business opportunity, but without an excellent POS in place, it’s easy for things to become disorganized.

A Hassle-free Customer Experience Using our POS in MI

A bar must be able to provide guests with quality drinks at a fast pace. That means being able to quickly take orders, open and close tabs, and take payments without any hassles for the customer.

Pizza Delivery POS in MI

Every pizza place needs an excellent POS system to stay organized and on track.

Our POS in MI is designed for hospitality and retail businesses, and your system can be custom built to serve your needs as a pizza parlor.

For most pizza places, much of the business comes through delivery orders. That means that during lunch and dinner rush, the phone is usually ringing off the hook. Staff must have an efficient and simple POS system in place that will help them stay on top of payments.

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