Payment Processing MD

Payment Processing in MD

Elite Merchant Services provides payment processing in MD. If you are a first-time buyer of payment processing services, or a merchant needing more info about what a payment processing company can do for you, this article will help you.

Payment processing at its core are three systems working together:

  • Payment gateway
  • Payment processor
  • Merchant account

Elite Merchant Services provides payment processing services in MD including all three of these system elements. Here we show you how we put them together to serve businesses like yours.

Payment processing gateway services in MD

The payment gateway segment of payment processing begins when your customers share their information with you to purchase product. Once the customer completes inputting at the device, the information is sent securely through the payment gateway to the payment processor. How the payment gateway affects your revenue stream depends on several factors:

  • Security
  • Integration
  • Reliability
  • Multiple payment options
  • Multiple currency options
  • Useful reporting

Elite Merchant Services touches on all these factors, but for this article the three most important factors to know are security, reliability, and integration.

Payment processing and payment gateway security in MD

Your payment gateway needs to be PCI compliant and it needs secure connections to the processor through SSL technology. Elite Merchant Services provides MD businesses with secure payment gateway systems. It should never be the merchant’s responsibility to ensure PCI compliance. But you need to be aware of it.

Payment processing and payment systems integration in MD

Payment gateways must play nice with all different business universe software and hardware. Elite Merchant Services provides a support staff to work through any integration issues for merchants.

Payment processing and payment gateway reliability in MD

If your payment gateway stops working, so do you. Payment gateways from Elite Merchant Services are in service 24/7 for businesses like yours across the state of MD.

Payment processing and payment processors in MD

Payment processing depends heavily on the quality of the payment processor working behind the scenes connecting your business to the financial services completing your customer sale. When that customer is there with their shopping cart full of goods, the last thing you need is a glitch upstream at the payment processor end fuddling up your revenue stream.

The payment processor handles these vital customer transaction steps:

  • Moving the data from the gateway
  • Validating the information
  • Executing the transaction
  • Depositing funds into your merchant account

Payment processing and merchant accounts in MD

Merchant accounts are bank accounts where funds from your sales transactions get deposited. Often referred to as the Merchant ID (MID), these accounts serve as the depository of your cashflow stream until you make the final move into your businesses bank account.

MID complexity varies from bank to bank, and sometimes it is a simpler option to work with a service like Elite Merchant Services to handle the merchant account. That gives you a single point of control through your entire payment processing pipeline.

Payment processing in MD with Elite Merchant Services | A smart business decision

Elite Merchant Services drives the payment processing for business throughout the state of MD. Our team of support personnel and account management staff will work hard making sure your revenue stream is secure and uninterrupted so you can concentrate on your customer service.

Before you make any decision about payment processing in MD, give Elite Merchant Services a call.

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