Mobile Credit Card Reader in MA

Which mobile credit card reader suits your business best?

We know that every business – even those in the same niche – has very unique needs. As such, it’s important to select the mobile credit card reader which will fit you best.

Taxi – Don’t miss a payment

We understand the unique need for taxi to us a mobile credit card reader in MA and Elite Merchant Services offers the solution for you. Enjoy instant transactions on a portable device, while swiftly printing receipts.

Why equip a cab with a mobile credit card reader?

A mobile credit card reader will help your drivers collect their fare from the ever-growing portion of passengers who prefer not to use cash. Connect all terminals to the same bank account to collect your revenue in a fast and secure manner. Your taxi’s business will benefit from using a high-end credit card machine.

Using a Mobile Credit Card Reader for receipt printing

Many clients won’t even consider your vehicle if you’re unable to provide them with proof of their expenses. Our POS terminals offer paper receipts. You can even add customized promo messages or your brand’s logo on the receipt.

Many restaurant are using mobile credit card readers in MA

Payments made with taste

A good meal should never be spoiled by a limited number of payment options. With Our mobile credit card reader you can compliment your clients by accepting their favorite way of paying. Be it with a card or a smart phone, our credit card readers facilitate fast and secure transactions for a brilliant customer experience. With a POS in the apron of every waiter, even the fastest table turnover is manageable and promises more rewards for your staff thanks to the mobile credit card readers tipping feature.

Entice your customers to spend by using a mobile credit card reader in MA

All Our POS terminals are designed to provide maximum efficiency in terms of function and use. They handle payments in seconds and can be passed between waiters as they keep individual accounts for all cashless tips and sales.

Our POS offers settlement and access to funds

Have instant access to funds with a mobile credit card reader

Every payment taken with Our POS can immediately be used in the most convenient way for you. Pay your suppliers with the free business debit card, make a wire transfer, or simply withdraw cash.

24/7 monitoring and access to your funds

Online monitoring
You can stay on top of your profits even when you are not running the show. With a merchant account, also available as a mobile app, you can keep track of sales and review the accounts of individual restaurants or waiters.

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