Merchant Services Georgia

Merchant services in Georgia

Merchant services are a wide array of tools used to enhance the consumer/merchant relationship. These services include:

  • POS systems
  • Payment processing
  • Payment processing companies
  • Credit card processing
  • Mobile POS systems
  • Inventory management
  • Customer relationship management
  • Marketing
  • Employee engagement

As a business owner you may readily see how merchant services fit into each of these categories. Others may surprise you. In example, many businesses do not completely leverage the customer relationship management tools a merchant service provider like Elite Merchant Services can provide.

Merchant services, POS systems, and payment processing in Georgia

Under the umbrella of merchant services, POS systems and payment processing stand out as the most critical. For good reason. Taking and processing consumer payments is tightly regulated and governed by an industry standard called the Payment Card Industry Security Standard or (PCI).

Business owners become intimately aware of PCI compliance once they begin to process customer payments electronically. Violations of the standard can decimate a business owner should complications arise in a consumer transaction.

The PCI standard is demanding, and as a business owner you should not be worried about ensuring compliance, instead, you want to transfer that risk to a payment processing company like Elite Merchant Services if you can.

Elite Merchant Services implements PCI compliant payment processing systems in the state of Georgia. Our systems are powering the revenue streams of business just like yours throughout the state.

Credit card processing and mobile POS systems in Georgia

Merchant services serve as the front end for the most common form of payment in modern society, the credit card. Hardly anybody carries cash anymore, and the idea of writing a check in a line seems ludicrous to most people today.

Couple these facts with the idea that many businesses are becoming mobile, you begin to see that quality merchant services in Georgia must provide credit card processing and mobile POS services.

Elite Merchant Services works with mobile businesses providing the best mobile POS service, and regardless if your business is mobile, brick and mortar, or web-based, Elite Merchant Services provides the tools you need for credit card processing.

Merchant services and inventory management in Georgia

Merchant services and inventory management are not the first things business owners put together when talking about their payment processing solution. But inventory management starts at the point of sale for any business.

Savvy business owners in Georgia use Elite Merchant Services to integrate their POS system with inventory control. This relationship helps Georgia businesses see what their hot sellers are so they can stock more and see their sales duds so they can get them on clearance quickly.

Merchant services and CRM, marketing and employee engagement

Merchant services and people management for marketing and employee engagement are tighter coupled than many business owners realize. With a smart point of service system integrated into your business back office you can effectively identify new sales opportunities, keep track of customer spending habits, enable marketing campaigns to customer lists, and engage employees with recognition for high performance.

Merchant services in Georgia and Elite Merchant Services | A smart business decision

When you look for a merchant service, look for a service that will think out of the box to help you grow your revenue stream. Elite Merchant Services has a talented staff of support techs and account managers who work together bringing the best merchant service experience to businesses just like yours across the state of Georgia.

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