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mynt station

Mynt POS

  • All-in-One Terminal

  • Integrated Credit Card Reader

  • Customizable For Your Business

  • Integrated Reporting

clover system

Clover POS

  • Large and bright 11.6” touchscreen

  • Integrated Employee Management

  • Cloud Based

  • End to End Encryption

s0576157 sc7

NCR Silver POS

  • Inventory Management
  • Multi-Location Functionality
  • Supports Offline Transactions
  • Setup and Manage Loyalty Programs


Vital POS

  • Inventory Management
  • Multi-Location Functionality
  • Supports Offline Transactions
  • Setup and Manage Loyalty Programs


payware mobile payment

PAYware Mobile

  • Accept payments anywhere

  • Android and iPhone Capability

  • Email Receipts

  • Payment Geo-tagging


NCR Ring Up

  • Accept payments anywhere

  • Customizable Receipts

  • Built-in Reporting

  • Fast and Simple Payment Processing


FREE vx520

  • Delivers reliability and speed

  • Optimizes usability

  • Provides maximum security

  • Internal PIN Pad

We Provide Every Service

All of your credit card processing need are met here.

Retail Solutions
A trusted adviser to all retail merchants of all sizes across

Offering all business sizes a full range of online merchant

Card Terminals
Merchant credit card terminals at wholesale

ATM Processing
Elite Merchant Services specializes in all aspects

POS System
When choosing the right retail point-of-sale system

A Leader in the Merchant Services Business.

Free Terminals
We offer free credit card machine placement

Cash Advace
Elite Merchant Services would like to introduce our in

Gift Cards
One of the most successful – and affordable – sale

Virtual Terminal
Virtual Terminal is a secure, browser-based application

No Fee Surcharge
Considering whether or not surcharging is right for your

happ employees

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Elite Merchant Services is a rapidly expanding enterprise with amazing career potential and growth. Imagine joining Facebook in 2007, where would your career be today? Joining a winning team early means fast advancement and growth with the company.

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  • Regional Sales Executive
  • Account Manager
  • Lead Generting Specialist

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EMV Chip

Elite Merchant Services is here to assist you in the EMV transition

What is an EMV Chip?
The EuroPay-Mastercard-Visa, or EMV, chip is the new standard in credit and debit card technology.


You know everythng about your business, well EMV processing is our business. All your questions are answered here.
Is your business EMV ready?
If your business does not process EMV credit or debit cards, you are loosing many customers.


Free EMV Analysis
Schedule a FREE appointment with a certified technician before another sale is lost without the EMV.

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